We can supply a huge variety of digital printers and finishing equipment

We know that all printing requirements are different, and can drastically vary meaning we adjust the printers we supply to suit. With a portfolio of multi-functional office machines, right through to specialist large format plotting machines. We have experience supplying these machines, including a comprehensive training routine upon installation to ensure you are up and running from the moment we leave on installation day.


Please see below for a small snapshot of the state-of-the-art machines we provide, all available for purchase or lease dependant on your personal requirements.

Office Multi-functional Printers 

Our team can analyse your requirement, whether you require one small device or a whole fleet of networked office printers for your business. We are confident we can find the best photocopying and multi-function solution for your office.


Our cutting edge multi-function devices are super efficient and can easily lead to increased productivity, by streamlining your workflow, save money by reducing waste, using fewer consumables and taking up less space.


Using our managed service allows you to relax in the safety that your up-time is guaranteed. We eliminate the painful moment a machine runs out of toner and a replacement isn’t readily available. Our managed service would ensure this simply doesn’t occur.


As part of our managed print service, you have access to our full UK wide fleet of print engineers. Our engineers are fully trained to ensure your machines are running at optimal performance and are kept in top condition.


At Filedoc we aim to remove worry from your business, we offer a variety of service packages on a level that will suit your business requirement. Whether you need us to just monitor consumables or run a whole fleet of machines, our bill is always an agreed single monthly payment.

Digital Presses Production Printers

We aim to provide businesses that have a larger print requirement, a digital printing press solution. Allowing you to bring costly print work, in-house. Whether you need to output regular short print runs or work against extremely tight turnaround times, having the additional comfort of being able to produce your print house can drastically reduced the challenges of production print.


That’s why we only supply production printing machines that meet our high expectations. We proudly supply production printing machines from DEVELOP. With a core ethos of focusing on maximizing productivity, ease of use, media flexibility and print quality. The wide range of optional functions these production systems offer gives you the chance to extend your portfolio and generate new business.

Cost & Time Saving

With your production print in house, you can set your own deadlines and meet the tightest of turn around times. Producing short run or quick turn around jobs with ease as you see fit. Set your own margins and sell print as a service, resulting in higher profitability and more lucrative options.

In-House Print

Moving your print in house, can result in a variety of new options for your business. Whether you just choose to use it as an additional service for existing customers, produce more complex jobs. Or simply to add a variety of new printed products to your portfolio or use it to produce direct mail and marketing materials for yourself in-house.

Inline Finishing

Booklets? Punching? Ring Binding? Being able to provide inline finishing capabilities lets you increase your profit margins on print jobs. Whilst at the same time shortening your own production times, reducing labour costs, improving quality control, cutting back on waste and saving energy.

Large Format Printers Managed Print Machine

When A3 just isn’t big enough, our large format machines step in. With a variety of machines at our disposal, we are able to identify which will be most suitable based on your requirement. With machines specialised for photo reproduction or machines specialised for CAD/GIS applications for architecture and highly technical drawings.

Media Over 1m Wide

With some machines able to handle up to 6 different media rolls at one time, our large format solutions are able to handle a variety of weights, textures and finishes. All available on large rolls enabling you to print media over 1m wide by up to 30m in length, making your printing possibilities almost endless.

Highly Accurate

Printing at a resolution of up to 600dpi, the print quality on our large format printers is unparalleled. Offering crisp clean colour and monochrome reproduction time after time. You can confidently print high quality graphics and technical documents where every detail is critical, not to mention the impeccable level of detail captured in large scale photographic prints.

Business Growth

With a plethora of medias available for our large format printers. It’s really easy to see where you can use this to grow your business. Offering rapid reproduction of large scale graphics and saleable products, from outdoor retail banners through to exquisite quality high art prints. The growth possibilities are as vast as your imagination can stretch.

Finishing Solutions Booklet Finishing

Spanning a wide range of applications, offline finishing can provide an excellent versatile option for your printing. Whether you need Vacuum Feed Finishing, Friction Feed Finishing,Direct Mail Inserting, Bookletmakers, Trimmers, Squarefolders, Feeders, Collators, and Mail Inserters, we have access to a wide range of options.

Booklet Finishing

Our Booklet Makers provide set compiling, stapling, folding and stacking functionalities at ease, completely separately from your printer. With maintenance-free staple heads, automatic fold pressure and up to 50 sheets capacity, our solutions are ready to handle your finishing and all your booklet making needs.

Document Inserting

Knowing that print requirements can often be very specialised based on your needs, we also offer a range of document inserting solutions. Whether your requirement is for collating, folding or envelope stuffing, our solutions combining the cutting, accumulating, and folding into one compact unit.

Squarefold & Trimming

Finishing touches and added value, Square BookFold module options can add an extra finishing touch with a square folded edge and printable spine. Giving booklets the professional look of a perfect bound book.


Adding the Face Trimmer module also allows the machine to trims the side opposite to the spine eliminating the unappealing effect that occurs with thicker booklets, resulting in perfect booklets every time.


OUr specialist team are on hand to ensUre we find a solution that fits your business, helping you achieve your goals with technology.