Take control, fully digital document management solutions

Controlling data is difficult for all businesses, we have a few ready made solutions to enable you to work smarter and faster within a digital filing software. Working initially to help you process all your paper documents into a digital format, searchable as if they had been created digitally. Once this process is complete we aim to enable businesses to streamline their business processes, improve communications leading to better service levels and improve their document security for a number of years.


Your business and it’s staff will be able to quickly and easily access document storage in all departments and at all levels of seniority, improving communication between staff members and departments resulting a better overall service to your customers. Additionally, our software solutions have huge integration possibilities with a variety of other software and applications using a smart API which sits between the systems and handles all the communication.

Smart Workflows

The document management solutions we provide allow you to set up unlimited department workflows. Popular uses include Invoice approval, dealing with customer complaints or setting up new internal processes which involve sign off or amendment by several employees. Time limited tasks are set up to automatically route documents between chosen users. Eliminating lengthy waits and staff interaction by automating the process.

Powerful Searching

The document management solutions include an immensely powerful search functionality, to allow you to easily keep track of documents and also find past ones at ease.  Using powerful tools such as Index searching with across selected cabinets or all cabinets inc. greater than, less than, Not equal to, starts with, ends with, a range of, and contains values. Through to searching as detailed as email header information, file type, number of pages, and the best feature, the ability to search within the stored documents.


The software solutions also provide lock out features and time locked access to documents in workflows. With extra functionality available to destroy documents which hit a certain time barrier, ensuring your company stays GDPR compliant.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is just one example of integration our document management solutions offer. Allowing you to import emails directly from outlook straight into the system, file them automatically upon sending and set up automatic syncing with your outlook mailbox.


Module options are available to allow you to store specific emails to certain cabinets, as well as creating work groups and organised flows to ensure all data is stored correctly in the right location. All then re-accessible at any time searchable in the finest of details right down to searching for specific words in email content.

A smarter digital footprint working smarter with data and your business

Taking advantage of digital workflows is a no-brainer. Simply using automated workflows to improve business processes by routing documents to users with defined time limited tasks for action vastly improves the speed at which staff can work, and your customer service is delivered.


You can finally release your business from the shackles of bulk paperwork and filing, for a smarter digital solution. Integrating the filing of other electronic files as well as paper documents enables you to achieve one consistent and logical filing structure for ALL your documents.


OUr specialist team are on hand to ensUre we find a solution that fits your business, helping you achieve your goals with technology.