Service, delivery & installation


Our trained engineers are based locally ensuring we provide the best rapid response times and level of service available to our customers and with a network of Sharp UK engineers, we can offer the same level of service anywhere in the UK. Our experienced service team also means that you get the best advice on ways to improve your machines’ efficiency.


Why Filedoc?


  • Locally-based service engineers guarantee fast response times
  • Great range of products whatever the size of your business, from compact machines for the smaller network through to top of the range enterprise wide solutions
  • All year-round competitive pricing backed by our customer loyalty scheme
  • Peace of mind that partnering with FileDoc will help your business to evolve.
  • FileDoc will visit your premises to identify and create a device map.
  • This helps when planning proposed installation and together we agree an implementation plan.
  • Installation and training dates will be confirmed and a date will be scheduled.
  • We will ensure that all your staff have access to a print machine and will maintain business continuity throughout the transition.
  • All our customers will have access to a dedicated Account Manager who will answer any questions or address any issues you might have prior to installation and for the duration of our print partnership.





If you need any printer/scanner drivers for any of our Sharp products. please use the SHARP Download Centre:





If you need any printer/scanner drivers for any of our HP products. please use the HP Support Site:





If you need any printer/scanner drivers for any of our Ricoh products. please use the Ricoh Support & Downloads Site:





For any devices or products not listed please Tel: 01484 446 172 for more assistance.

Managed print audit

Print audit


Whether your contract is close to expiring or not, a print audit is worthwhile doing. In fact, if your print and copy contract is within six months of expiry that would be an ideal time to audit. The audit will help you to specify the best solution for your needs when the time comes by identifying your print usage and work out the right mix of printers and copiers to maximise output and minimise costs.

FileDoc offers this service without obligation and free of charge.


Giving yourself at least a month to work through this simple process will clarify your print and copy situation and costs, giving you a baseline to work on improving.

Installing the software is seamless and easy. After at least one month we will present the findings to you. We will suggest any changes you could make to your infrastructure to reduce costs on printing activity.


What is a Managed Print Service?


A Managed Print Service always begins with a print audit before proposing areas for improvement. The solution often involves a change to the number, type and position of devices you currently use, placing the ideal number of suitable machines in the most appropriate locations. This means you only have devices where you need them and this alone can have a big impact on costs.


  • Combining all your print and copying into one monthly cost making budgeting much more manageable.
  • We can take on the responsibility of all your print fleet management,
  • or simply monitor your consumable levels so that toners can be dispatched as needed.
  • Software to automatically enables us to provide preventative maintenance checks
  • A single monthly bill to cover total print, servicing and toner
  • No surprise extras.


There are no surprises and costs are transparent for easy budgeting. Often this lowers admin overheads as you are dealing with a single supplier and predictable costs for all purchasing related to print and copy. We can take on the responsibility of all your print fleet management, or we can simply monitor your consumable levels ensuring you never run out of toner.



help desk support



Our friendly and professional staff provide a help desk service and are able to  resolve 2 in 5 enquires over the phone. From guidance on taking meter readings, to advice on clearing miss feeds by  offering  simple maintenance solutions.

With consent, our engineers can log on and remotely access your computer to rectify any network printing or scanning issues that may arise.  Whatever products you use and whatever the demands of your business, give our help desk a call, we’re here to give you the support you want.  Should you require additional maintenance support; our trained engineers are based locally ensuring we can provide the best rapid response times and service available exactly when you need it.

preventative maintenance


The attention you give your printers can keep your business running smoothly without downtime for emergency repairs. While occasional hiccups and support calls are inevitable, many common call outs can be avoided. If your printer is in a dusty work environment the internal components of any printer can suffer and will especially benefit from regular maintenance checks designed to keep your printer healthy.

Most manufacturers provide specific maintenance schedules for each model to keep it working well and to keep print quality consistent. We also have use of software that automatically flags issues enabling us to respond before problems occur.

Our experienced service team also means that you get the best advice on ways to improve your machines’ efficiency.  Here are some preventative maintenance ideas that should help with fewer service calls:

  • Do not use solvent or ammonia-based cleaners. The right thing to use is isopropyl or ethyl alcohol. Use an alcohol-dampened or water-dampened lint free cloth.
  • Always inspect paper pickup rollers for dust. Paper pickup rollers collect dust and need to be cleaned periodically.
  • When rollers become shiny and appear "glazed," they need to be replaced.
  • Always inspect separation pads for dust. As with the pickup rollers, clean with alcohol or a water dampened lint-free cloth. Separation pads should be replaced at the same time as pickup rollers.
  • Transfer rollers should be cleaned if dirty, but it is important not to touch the rollers with bare fingers. A dry lint-free cloth must be used, and if a lot of toner spills on the transfer roller, then the only option is to replace the transfer roller
  • Regularly inspect mirrors for dust and grime build-up. These are best cleaned with filtered compressed air or a lint-free cloth or swab moistened with lens cleaner.
  • Inspect the fuser assembly rollers for marks, and replace them if there are any marks or blemishes present.

Finally, should you require support; our trained engineers are based locally ensuring we provide the best rapid response times and level of service available.

To discuss preventative maintenance support and preventative maintenance cover for your printer -


advanced finishing systems

FileDoc offers high performing and innovative products with superior quality in a wide range for the global document finishing market. Here You will find the latest technology in Vacuum Feed Finishing, Friction Feed Finishing and Direct Mail Inserting, Bookletmakers, Trimmers, Squarefolders, Feeders, Collators and Mail Inserters.

The Plockmatic MX-BM50 is a modular in-line booklet making solution for centralized reproduction departments and commercial

print providers - large and small. Customers can choose from a range of cost-effective options to support their application requirements. The system is packed with a host of uniquetechnologies that deliver finished books with quality to match today’s printing systems. Customers are demanding more media versatility from digital print.


The Plockmatic MX-BM50 is designed from the ground up to work with today’s coated, uncoated and textured paper stocks.

Plockmatic works closely with print engine manufacturers and workflow partners to ensure the closest possible integration of the booklet making system. This supports ease of use and allows operators of different skill levels to get the most out of the entire printing system.



Key Features


  • Booklet Maker - The standard configuration includes the Booklet Maker and output tray to provide set compiling, stapling,folding and stacking.
  • Face Trimmer - Removes the shingled effect on the face of the folded document and provides a clean document edge.
  • Book Folder - Adds square folding to booklets for a professional look and printable spine.
  • Hand feeding - Output from any other print device can be manually fed through the booklet maker, face trim and square fold modules.


Exceptional Reliability and Superior Performance


  • Integrating advanced functionality
  • Robust multi-tasking
  • Performance and advanced development platform for flexibility and personalisation.
  • Sharp OSA® (Open Systems Architecture) For more information about the complete line of Sharp document solution products - Tel: 01484 446 172 or e-mail:

document management

What is Document Management?


Document Management (DM) or Electronic Document Management (EDM) is the method by which a paper document (made electronic by scanning) or an existing computer file is indexed to a computer storage location for easy access by search criteria over the network or the internet.


The ability to handle large and complex flows of information quickly and efficiently can frequently be the factor that differentiates the successful business.

Traditional methods of handling paperwork and electronic files do not generally allow staff the speed of access to information that modern business practice demands. In addition, paper records are vulnerable to misfiling, loss, and destruction – accidental or otherwise.

The solution to these challenges is Document Management - scanning paperwork to electronic documents and with existing computer files, efficiently managing them within an organised and planned system.

Paper documents, once scanned into the system, can be viewed by staff authorised to see them.

Once in the system, these electronic images can be:

  • sent to other workstations or offices
  • e-mailed, faxed or printed
  • attached/appended to other documents
  • edited, e.g. the addition of an electronic “paid” stamp, signature or comment
  • saved and indexed with suitable criteria so that they can then be retrieved using a simple or complex search.
  • used for archiving for secure long-term storage & business continuity planning.

Print whenever, wherever


Sharp’s mobile print and scan solution for popular iOS, Android™,

or Windows® mobile devices

Optimise the benefits of mobile working with Sharpdesk Mobile; Sharp’s powerful, cutting edge mobile printing and scanning application.  Users can connect to supported Sharp MFPs via wireless network from their iOS, Android™, or Windows® device

for hassle-free printing, simplified scanning or seamless

collaboration with other applications.


Hassle-free Printing


Connect to a wireless network, select a document, preview and print directly to a supported Sharp MFP from a supported  iOS, Android or Windows device.


Simplified Scanning


Scan paper documents to PDF, JPEG, TIFF or PNG files for easy access by simply scanning from a Sharp MFP to your mobile device. The mobile device’s profile can be stored as a “scan-to” location on the MFP for easy access.


Seamless Collaboration with Other Applications


Sharpdesk Mobile allows seamless file sharing with other applications. Users can attach scanned files to email, share documents or print files from other supported mobile applications.






Conveniently print PDF, JPEG,TIFF or PNG files from a mobile device running iOS, Android™, or Windows®

Print files from other supported mobile applications

Easily print email text and attachments or webpages from supported mobile devices

Scan & Share


Scan and save files from a supported MFP to a mobile device running iOS, Android™, or Windows®

All scan settings and execution can be managed from a supported mobile device

Quickly send scanned files via email from a supported mobile device

Share scanned files with other supported mobile applications



Free download available from Apple App Store, Google Play™,

or Windows® Store

Automatically discover and connect to a supported Sharp MFP

Manually add a supported Sharp MFP

No driver installations required

User authentication improves security

For true print flexibility and precision in the CAD/GIS market, we offer a range of plotters, ranging in sizes from 17" (A2) to 44" (B0). Delivering the smoothest curves, finest lines and most precisely rendered text and graphics; these productive large format printers offer some of the fastest speeds in the market and integrate easily into your environment with full support for CAD applications.


Designed for wider graphic arts applications, the Océ ColorWave Series puts innovation at the heart of your business. It caters for a wide variety of businesses including reprographics, sign and display print providers, and in-house printing applications in industries such as retail, hospitality, construction, architecture, education and government. The ENERGY STAR® qualified printer supports custom roll-based media up to 0.8 mm thick by using Océ MediaSense technology. The print capabilities include, but are not limited to a CAD drawing on 80gsm plain paper, a Tyvek banner, a poster on 200gsm matte paper, a self-adhesive film for decorative uses, a canvas media and a blue-back. Up to six different rolls of media can be loaded at one time, making the printer capable of handling many different jobs without having to change rolls in-between. This versatility and high capacity allows businesses to be creative and expand to new profitable areas.




















  • Instant-dry and water-resistant prints on uncoated media at speeds of 225 A1/h in black & white and 212 A1/h in colour with virtually no dust or ozone emission; plus integrated output options
  • 4 to 6 rolls with width up to 1067mm (42”)
  • Enhanced custom media capabilities that support media thickness up to 0.8 mm
  • Swift running at peak hours with the help of Intel® Core™ i5 processor, dual hard drive and 8GB RAM; ideal for production environments and offering savings on energy bills with ENERGY STAR® qualification
  • Fast processing and great predictability in end-to-end PDF workflows with Adobe® PDF Print Engine 3 (APPE3)
  • Enhanced security features with Windows® 8 embedded controller, secure cloud connectivity, on-board user authentication feature and optional removable hard disk
  • Optimal up-time and quality thanks to automatic nozzle failure correction on the fly
  • New media path design that operates without touching printed area
  • Great results in scanning highlighted areas and mixed originals with optional built-in colour scanner
  • 10.6 inch touch screen with tablet like gestures; accessible through mobile and cloud connected devices

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